Abraham Lincoln said at the start of his second Senatorial campaign in 1858, “if we could first know where we are and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do and how to do it.”

He wasn’t wrong. In order for pursuing greater diversity to be a story that is told and valued by all your people, you and they need to be really clear about what enhancing diversity will specifically do for them and for the success of the business. And what you all need to do to make that a reality, which will differ from organisation to organisation, from sector to sector, from location to location.

So we will work with you — the Exec and Board of the whole organisation or the departmental leadership to identify:

  • the exact nature of the diversity deficits in your organisation
  • the precise way in which diversity, and what kind of diversity, will enhance the services, goods, innovation and products you deliver to your customers, clients, stakeholders, members…

This will be your organisation’s Diversity Framework — it will be a living statement that will change and adapt through regular discussion and challenge to be the guide for all your people as to WHY you are pursuing greater diversity and WHAT CHANGES it will require.

It will be the framework that guides your organisation beyond good intentions to meaningful change for your people.