How we work

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We do diversity differently
It’s not an add-on

Diversity isn’t something you do, it’s the way you do something

So, we work with organisations to use diversity as a catalyst for positive change

What we offer

So… our first question to you will be: “Where do you need your organisation or field of endeavour be in the next strategic period?”

Because… your organisation’s diversity should flow from that vision and those goals.

Our work delivers diversity solutions to strategic questions.

What we offer

We recognise that almost everything done in your organisation is done collaboratively, in teams and groups. And all experience and research tells us that well-managed diverse teams perform more highly than non-diverse ones.

So the diversity we aim to help you create is the right combination of people, the right combination of identities, personalities at work and hard skills that you need to achieve your vision.

This is workforce planning and strategy driven by diversity.

What we offer

In our work we recognise that there are two sides to the diversity ledger:

  1. The deficit: We know that there are blocks to the talent of, and, at worst, discrimination against, people who belong to certain groups. Our work will help you to tackle this discrimination and these blocks to talent
  2. The dividend: Most research concludes that increasing diversity increases performance. For instance, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity outperform those in the bottom quartile by 15% and ethnically diverse companies by 35%

(Reference: McKinsey Diversity Matters)

What we offer

Our work shows that in order to clear the blocks to talent, achieve a greater diversity in your organisation and benefit from the consequent diversity dividend you need to stop hiring the best person for the job.

Yes, we know it sounds counter-intuitive. But you need to challenge what ‘best’ means otherwise you just go on fishing in the same old pool (there are more white men in the top 289 FTSE 100 jobs – chair, CEO, CFO – called John, David, Andrew and Michael than there are women and people from Black and Asian backgrounds).

And what you need to do is hire and promote the best TEAM for the job.

What we offer