Principles that underpin our work

We work with you to design greater measurable diversity into your organisation.

Our work can be best described by:

Three principles that drive it

  • Diversity has to mean something positive to everyone in your organisation. So we always start with your strategy and goals. That way diversity is a way of achieving results, not a separate activity.
  • Organisations need to make meaningful changes to the way they do things in order to achieve significant progress in diversity.
  • The most recent research tells us that changing our behaviour is what changes our thinking, not the other way round. Raising awareness rarely alters our behaviour.

Two distinctions that are crucial to understanding diversity

  • Diversity is both who you are at work and how you are at work — it’s about both identity and contribution
  • There are two overlapping aspects to diversity: the diversity deficits and the diversity dividends. While they are related, they must be tackled separately.

The Diversity by Design tool box — what we offer:

  1. Your Diversity Framework
  2. Recruiting for Difference
  3. Insight into your staff

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