What we offer

We work with you to design greater measurable diversity into your organisation.

Our work can be best described by:

3 principles that drive it

  • Diversity has to mean something positive to everyone in your organisation. So we always start with your strategy and goals. That way diversity is a way of achieving results, not a separate activity.
  • Organisations need to make meaningful changes to the way they do things in order to achieve significant progress in diversity.
  • The most recent research tells us that changing our behaviour is what changes our thinking, not the other way round. Raising awareness rarely alters our attitudes.

2 distinctions that are crucial to understanding diversity

  • Diversity is both who you are at work and how you are at work — it’s about both identity and contribution
  • There are two overlapping aspects to diversity: the diversity deficits and the diversity dividends. While they are related, they must be tackled separately.

and 5 tools that make our work effective…

...which our clients use all of, some of and in the order that suits their needs best:

  1. The Exec Leader — how to take the initiative on Diversity
  2. Make your investment in diversity work — the pilot process that actually changes the numbers
  3. Changing HR — transforming your processes to deliver diversity
  4. Managing Difference — how to lead teams brilliantly
  5. Insight —understanding exactly the diversity story in your organisation through the words of your staff

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