At Diversity by Design we are leaders in creating true diversity and inclusion. We will work with you to make diversity a driver of your talent strategy to achieve your organisation’s goals. We will support your managers to hear and respond to all your employee’s voices, to see the differences in your people, value it and combine it confidently.

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Creating diversity is not ticking a box. Labels shouldn’t contain people. They should be enablers of difference, not prisons of sameness.


Diversity is not safe. Safe spaces don’t offer safety from disagreement, they offer safety for disagreement.

Simon Fanshawe
Roy Hutchins

Simon Fanshawe has a broad range of expertise in governance and organisational change, having worked in the public and private sectors as a chair and non-exec.

Roy Hutchins has developed, through working with clients at every level of the private and public sectors, a unique ability for designing training that is relevant and highly engaging to staff.

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