In partnership with the Good Governance Institute we have developed this report as a stimulus to discussion of a new approach to diversity in the NHS.

While the diversity deficits in the NHS must be tackled (and they are particularly shocking), the motivation to enhance diversity should be widened beyond compliance and tackling injustice. As talent is unblocked by dealing with these deficits, diversity should be pursued for the considerable added value which it can bring to the core purposes of the NHS. We want to extend the debate about diversity to the dividends it can deliver for patient health and staff success.

So the purpose of the report is to give Boards and execs a framework to:
• link diversity to patient health, staff success and innovation
• understand in local detail the reasons for their Trust’s diversity deficits
• develop practical changes to the processes of recruitment, promotion and retention to achieve a real change in the numbers and in the composition of teams
• set different measurements of success in diversity

What do you think?
If you work in the NHS, as an Exec or a Board member, how can you use the report to make real change?

Diversity – The New Prescription for the NHS FINAL version