Change in diversity has to be designed. And it is fundamental to enhancing the diversity of your organisation that you, The Exec, take a lead

Leaders have to be very clear that greater diversity makes their company or organisation better in performance, in culture, in client and customer relations, in brand. These are the dividends that greater diversity pays. You will need to articulate exactly how that will be the case in your company and, in pursuing that greater diversity, you need to embrace the fact that you must make change.

We have developed an approach for Executive teams to structure this discussion to reach practical conclusions and to develop the right language to communicate that inside the company and, if you choose, outside.

In thinking about diversity, we focus not only on these dividends but also on the deficits.

The deficits are widely known – the gender pay gap, the lack of black, asian and minority ethnic (bame) people in Exec jobs, the bame attainment gap in student attainment, the lack of women Vice-Chancellors… Understanding the particular deficits in your company will come from analyzing your data. It’s important that you identify the specific blocks to talent in your organisation and then we can work with you to develop appropriate solutions.

The session will:

  • Receive an analysis of the data we have collected – both hard and narrative (interviews, open questionnaires etc) – which will identify where your deficits
  • Discuss the analysis
  • Explore your appetite for diversity
  • Develop the link between the achievement of your strategic goals and greater
  • Discuss what (designed) changes are needed to bring some real results in
    diversity through creating diverse teams and groups throughout the Company
    Plan immediate action.